Los Navalucillos.
The village of Los Navalucillos with its 3000 inhabitants lies
150 km south-west of Madrid, in the western part of the
Montes de Toledo, close to the Parque Nacional de
Cabañeros. Ancient mountains rise for some 200 km from the
harsh dry southern plateau of La Mancha, land of the literary
hero Don Quijote, westwards towards Extremadura, home of
the Conquistadores, the men who once conquered the

The absence of busloads of camera-clicking tourists presents
an opportunity to taste the atmosphere of ancient life on the
Castilian countryside, to see Spain as it really is.
Still, in Los Navalucillos you will find all usefull
facilities that will suit the modern traveller. There
is a large variety of shops and little bars, some
restaurants and banks, an internet-café and a
swimmingpool. In the weekends several (open-air)
disco's are bursting with young people all night
long. You can also use your cell-phone.

Walks can easily be started from the village.
The surrounding nature contains species of
flora and fauna that have died out in many
other countries in Europe and even other
regions in Spain.
A stay in Los Navalucillos could produce a
special experience for those interested in either
Castilian culture or it's unique wildlife.
After the harvest of the olives in january and
later in spring and the end of summer old
traditions live on in romantic fiesta's and
romerias, with twice a year a bullfight in the
village's own Plaza de Toros.